Get inspired!

20 February 2019

Almax is an international leader in the design and making of mannequins, bustsforms and displays for showcases. Constant creative and technological innovation has allowed a continuous experimentation over the years, leading to new outstanding solutions in design, materials, paints and finishes.

Fashion trends are one of the key points on which aesthetic research is based. Almax chose to extend the possibilities of customization of mannequins, busts and displays, making them the heart of the design set , not only as a vehicle of sale, but also as as part of the brand experience, on which the success of the major brands in the fashion world is based. The Spring / Summer 19, characterized by dresses in natural colors, suede, linen and cotton and Fall / Winter 19, with its vibrant velvet colors, inspired new  finishes and displays. Velvet props, trimmings, flocked hands and heads with bold colors strongly recall the spirit of the upcoming seasons. Soft touch effect, paint and glossy finish displays create unexpected light effects.